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Petrol Prices Increase 16 February 2023

Today 16 February 2023 petrol prices has has been increased. Their is an increase of 22.20 rupees in petrol and price of petrol goes to 272 from 249.80. High Speed Diesel price has an increase of 17.20 and its new price has gone to 280 from 262.80.

Light Speed Diesel has also an increase of 9.68 due to this new price of loght speed diesel has gone to 196.68 from 187. In kerosene oil there is an increase of 12.90 and price of kerosene has gone to 202.73 from 189.83.

Petrol price increase 16 February 2023

Chart of Petrol Price Increase 16 February 2023

Product Old Prices New Prices

Petrol 249.80 272.00

High Speed Diesel 262.80 280

Kerosene 189.83 202.73

Light Speed Diesel. 187.00. 196.68

This increase price has also an impact on inflation. It will increase fare prices in the country. But now you can get petrol from petrol pumps easily.

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